Pulp & Paper Industry

FERESPE’s brand is present in the Pulp & Paper Industry

We are positioned in a small and medium series niche market, exporting about 90% of what we produce.

FERESPE focuses on the production of technical parts for high performance applications, using the following alloys:

– Medium and low alloyed steel with high strength and good weldability
– Duplex, super duplex, austenitic and super austenitic stainless steel

The pulp industry is the most important sector of the forestry sector and the one that most appeals to the chemical processes. The role of paper remains important in the digital age, with this ubiquitous material still used daily for many purposes worldwide. In fact, the global production of paper and cardboard totals more than 400 million metric tons each year. The most produced type of paper is packaging paper and board, which has been growing in demand in recent years due to the online shopping boom.

The operations of this industry can bring many benefits: planted forests in the paper sector absorb about 3 times more carbon dioxide per year than is used in the manufacturing process. And in recent years, sustainable consumption of energy and water in the pulp production process has accomplished significant results, such as recycling levels, since it is a biodegradable and organic product that takes about 3-6 years to decompose.


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