Project Name: RCS – Refined Cast Steel – Application 3330
Start Date: 01/03/2016
End Date: 01/03/2018
Project Description:

This project aims to develop the  cast steel  production process with controlled levels of impurities, optimizing the incorporation of waste in its manufacture. The aim is to develop the possibility of producing cast stainless steels and carbon steel, in the first case controlling carbon content, in the second, with control of the sulfur and phosphorus contents and their non-metallic inclusions. These steels, already produced in steel industry, are yet very difficult to obtain in casting (with the desired levels of quality), therefore, this project to develop the decarburization and desulfurization / dephosphorization methodologies, that make the procedure. For this purpose, the introduction of products made from waste will be sought as useful reagents for the high temperature process to obtain those results. On the other hand, it will be tried to optimize the incorporation of metallic waste in the process, in order to reduce production costs. The project includes a phase of development of a system of insufflation of gases and powder materials, its construction and pilot scale test, in order to validate the methodology to be developed.