Railway Industry

FERESPE’s brand is present in the Railway Industry

We are positioned in a small and medium series niche market, exporting about 90% of what we produce.

FERESPE focuses on the production of technical rolling stock parts for high wear applications, using the following alloys:

– Medium and low alloyed steel with high strength, including applications at low temperatures and low residuals elements for better weldability and longer life.

– Austenitic, Martensitic and Duplex stainless steels (for specific applications)

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FERESPE  Rail Company Profile

The European Railway Industry has registered a strong evolution, dictating trends and parameters worldwide. It plays a key role in creating a sustainable future for transports in Europe – it contributes to achieving key policy objectives such as tackling climate change, tackling congestion, creating an economic growth, re-industrialization on the European continent and mobility of citizens of all ages and social backgrounds.


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