Marine & Shipyard Industry

FERESPE’s brand is present in Marine & Shipyard Industry

We are positioned in a small and medium series niche market, exporting about 90% of what we produce.

FERESPE focuses on the production of technical parts for high wear applications, using the following alloys:

– Medium and low alloy steels with high strength and good weldability
– Duplex, super duplex and super austenitic stainless steel

Maritime activities, including shipbuilding and ship repair, are essential for the economic and social functioning of society, both in the classical defense and security field, maritime transport and fisheries, and in all others that have emerged throughout time, such as offshore activities, maritime tourism, recreational boating and sea energy.

Shipbuilding repair / transformation is a high technology industry, providing thousands of highly skilled jobs in shipyards and their equipment suppliers and services. (Source: Naval Industry Working Group – Contribution for re-evaluate Portuguese Naval Industry)


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