Project Name: Time and quality customer response  – Application 14814
Project Code: NORTE-02- 0853-FEDER- 014814
Main Objective: New Production Unit
Intervention region: Norte – V.N.Famalicão
Beneficiary Entity: FERESPE – Fundição de Ferro e Aço,Lda

Date of approval: 23-03-2016
Start Date: 01-10-2015
End Date: 31-03-2018
Total Eligible Cost: 1.153.630,01€
Support funded by the European Union: Incentive refundable FEDER 692.178,01€

Project Description: Ferespe will create a dedicated area for outsourced operations.
Thus, this project fits the typologic framework – Creating a new establishment – that is
justified by the specificity of the activity that will be developed in there. Different from
foundry activity, requires a separate and isolated space.