Project Name: In-Situ-Cast – Candidatura 033417
Project Code: POCI-01-0247-Feder-033417

Main Objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation.
Region of Intervention: North
Beneficiary Entity: FERESPE – Fundição Ferro e Aço,Lda e Universidade do Porto

Approval Date: 17-07-2018
Start Date: 01-09-2018
End Date: 30-08-2020
Total Elegible Costs: 283.102,81€
European Union Finance Support: 197.781,18€ FEDER

Goals, activities and expected/achieved results

This project is in line with the growth strategy, competitiveness reinforcement and internationalization of Ferespe, through the development of differentiated and high added value products for the niche markets: “Construction machinery–Offshore and Onshore” e “Dredging equipment–Offshore and Onshore”. It is intended to be developed a new group of materials: composites with metallic matrix (MMC) reinforced with ceramic particles produced in-situ or ex-situ or reinforced with a ceramic foam, for the production of complex geometry components with high tribologic characteristics.

Selection and preparation of ceramic reinforcements; Production of samples; Macro and microstructural characterization; Chemical and mechanical characterization; Prototypes fabrication; Use of best methodology on other base materials; Results dissemination.

–  Increase in 30% the hardness and double the wear resistance of the components;
– Selection of ceramics for the correct fabrication of reinforcements for three selected base materials: high-chromium cast iron; austenitic stainless steel and structural steel;
– Stablish the reinforcements processing conditions (compacted; pellet and foams) on the sand castings and investment castings processes;
– Stablish the relation between the components geometry and reinforcement application;
– Design and fabricate three prototypes on the new developed materials;
– Create knowledge to extend the industrialization of these new solutions to other markets/clients.