Project Name: Nidete – Candidatura 039836
Project Code: POCI-01-0247-Feder-039836

Main Objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation.
Region of Intervention: North
Beneficiary Entity: FERESPE – Fundição Ferro e Aço,Lda, Universidade do Porto e Intermolde – Moldes Vidreiros Internacionais,Lda

Approval Date: 15-01-2019
Start Date: 01-03-2019
End Date: 28-02-2022
Total Elegible Costs: 1.014.145,56€
European Union Finance Support: 709.850,27€ FEDER

Goals and activities and expected/achieved results

– Develop competence on the production of complex components on nickel alloys with high thermal fatigue resistance by precision casting;
– Create national competence to minimize the necessity to import complex components by precision casting, ensuring shorter delivery dates, on a niche of small and medium series;
– Reinforce European position on the supply of complex components by precision casting

Selection of metallic alloys; Selection and analysis of ceramic shells; Design of prototype components; Melting and pouring preliminary trials; Melting, pouring and cutting trials; Tests and inspection; Production of prototype components; Machining processes; End-user follow-up; Dissemination on the target markets and scientific community; Project management.

Expected/achieved results
It is intended that the produced solutions can guarantee, at least, 72h on production (about 50% of the current lifetime). The lifetime of the prototype components exceeds the currently used components in reference to the in-service time, without intervention for inspection or repair (which, on the current components, is about 48 hours); The current components typically allow 4 to 5 repairs without cracking and, with the new materials, it is expected that the components withstand, at least, the double of repairs. With this project it’s expected that the partners develop knowledge and enhanced performance materials that permit the production of components that will stand out the current competitors.