Solutions for LNG & Cryogenics

The increasing of industrialization and energy demand implies the rising of cryogenic equipment consumption. LNG vaporizers supply natural gas to a wide range of pressures, capacities and flow profiles. These systems with control integration can use the power of diesel, propane, natural gas, ambience air, electricity, water, engine coolant or steam.

FERESPE has a wide offer aimed for this industry, producing components, namely, Valve Bodies, Pump Casings, Impellers and Bearing Brackets.

To fulfill Quality Requirements for the LNG & Cryogenics industry FERESPE is constantly seeking for improvements in terms of material properties and manufacturing procedures. To support this pro-active attitude, FERESPE has built solid relationships with Universities and Technological Centers.
FERESPE is able to perform Non-destructive testing (PT, MT, UT, and Radioscopy) in-house with qualified inspectors according SNT-TC-1A and EN ISO 9171:2012. We are also able to subcontract activities for PT, MT, UT and RT with qualified inspectors.

The Destructive Testing we are able to perform in-house are tensile test, impact test, hardness test and micrographic examination. If required, the destructive tests can be subcontracted to Accredited Laboratories according EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, with which we have a long relationship.
For the repairs by welding operations FERESPE has qualified welders according EN9606-1 and ASME IX and Qualified welding procedures for the relevant materials according EN11970, EN ISO 15614-4 and ASME IX.
As a result of the long experience in supplying sand casting for this market, FERESPE has the knowledge on several standards and codes. Our experience is supported by statistical data for the key parameters e.g. tensile strength, impact toughness at low and cryogenic temperatures, corrosion resistance and micrographic examination.

By achieving Norsok M-650 qualification FERESPE has proved competence of the relevant material grades, technical knowledge and necessary equipment to perform according good practices for these materials.